For 40 years from 1947-1987 Belfair Barn was famous not only as a "Belfair hotspot" but as a entertainment hub for the entire West Soundocument The weekly barn dances spotlighted not only local talent but featured headliner Country Western artists as well. But the main source of foot-stomping music was provided by owner Bill Griffith and his band, the Jackpine Ramblers.
Cindy Kennedy was the winner of a Belfair Barn talent contest.
Her prize was to have two of her songs recordedocument
Skate Board - Cindy Kennedy (2:38)
With Memories - Cindy Kennedy (2:37)
Bill Griffith
Bill was the driving force behind the Belfair Barn in its heyday and the band leader of the Jackpine Ramblers
Jackpine Ramblers
The Jackpine Ramblers were the house band for the Belfair Barn
Text Ritter
Barn of old memories will turn to ashes
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Belfair Barn's gone; memories linger
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