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We Should All Be Asking A Million Questions... Aliza Wiseman, May 3, 2020

What some call "conspiracy theory" activity I deem "think tank" activity. I don't give one iota about anyone who seeks to shame people for raising questions and ideas, however uncomfortable.

So, today, I found myself thinking about some content found in two articles I had received by way of friends. The first was titled, "Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lockdowns?" And it is worth reading, especially in that he is directly quoted, time and again. In addition to the link, I am including a pull quote from that article. Ultimately, listening to his words - picking through those interviews - we should make every attempt to question what he is actually saying and not simply follow the narrative being pushed and echoed by MSM (Main Stream Media). There is a great deal disturbing about just this one article...

"We don't want to have a lot of recovered people ... To be clear, we're trying -- through the shut-down in the United States -- to not get to one percent of the population infected. We're well below that today, but with exponentiation, you could get past that three million [people or approximately one percent of the U.S. population being infected with COVID-19 and the vast majority recovering]. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain."

Note, I often go by the rule of "people SHOW you who they are" and I firmly believe that they do. However, when it comes to leftist "change makers," my observation is that they almost always come right out and SAY what it is they are doing, even while they claim not to be doing it. It is a very strange thing - they broadcast the truth in the context of their constructed narrative and I'm not sure they are wholly aware of this activity.

In this case, it is very obvious. Bill Gates is essentially declaring that his interest in maintaining the lockdown at the expense of great economic pain is to AVOID people obtaining their OWN NATURAL ANTIBODIES THAT PROVIDE NATURAL IMMUNITY - and thus, herd immunity. And for what end? In order to ensure the WHOLE WORLD must then be compelled to receive vaccines (all uber-rushed to human trial - which, if you've done any reading about the girls sterilized in Kenya by UN/WHO/BMGF or the girls in the poorest of tribes in India being subjected to horrible side effects and even death as a result of Gates' handiwork NOT the way to go, especially as he is demanding total indemnification from governments around the world - gee, why would that be?!). In any event. it's very clear that Sweden (now being lauded by WHO as having done the right thing in NOT engaging in lockdown) has allowed for a natural course of what is now obviously far from as deadly as originally claimed not to mention a whole host of other material bearing it out.

So, right here, I'm asking why we are being HERDED toward the UNNATURAL?

Next, I had caught sight of a variety of features related to genetic aspects (this being one a friend sent along and I began to wonder about this whole idea of forced vaccinations and any possible alignment with the goals of "controlling for health outcomes" and this idea Gates is always on about "depopulation" as it relates to vaccines and technology. As we are surely all aware, while those girls in Kenya received a sterilization agent from the UN / WHO / BMGF (, it is entirely possible for vaccine programs to involve other elements beyond some sterilization agent. I mean, if they can put THAT in there, what can't they put without one's knowledge?

Again, along the lines of think tank activity, it would seem possible to put nanotechnology or "bots" and such into a vaccination. For what purpose(s) - well, there could be many. But, today, I began to wonder if it might not be possible to include something capable of affecting Gene Regulation - that is, turning genes on/off. Also, if it were possible to introduce something into a vaccine capable of performing this activity, given the technology happening at such a rapid pace, is it possible that something could be introduced that would be remotely engaged, to cause a person's genes to be regulated in such a way that they became either MORE or less susceptible to a given pathogen?

If this were possible, who's to say that entire segments or populations couldn't be rendered incredibly susceptible to new pathogens from perhaps biological warfare sources? This thought-line goes far beyond issues of sterilization or tracking (as Gates is also investing over a billion in his interest to have real-time satellite surveillance worldwide with but one second just one measure to achieve such tracking capability...) and comes right back around to the idea of population control. Like something out of a horror movie.

I don't know what is possible - I have not done all the research and reading (I've got a lot on my plate at present). However, this is what my mind today got to wondering about. What actually is possible? What is the actual end-game? Why would such globalist "players" want to PREVENT US from developing NATURAL RESISTANCE and keeping our immune systems practicing, exercising and fit to handle new pathogens as a rule (as this is what achieving a strong immune system offers)? Is it all just for profit? Why would they NOT want to be held accountable? Why would they keep feeding our fears when we have eyes and ears that are awake enough to see that the truth doesn't match their shoddy models and narratives?

Why would Colorado Gov. Jared Polis also seek to PREVENT people from achieving NATURAL remedies for better immune function?

Being in the sunshine and outdoors not only kills the virus but is HELPFUL to achieving our own natural immune health. Why close beaches, particularly where I live and there is NOTHING being spread? We have no major headlines, the hospital has furloughed people and cut hours...last I heard they had ONE patient. Yet four people outside the local Target on Friday received $1,000 fines for not wearing masks the first day the local mandate went into effect? WHY?

PULL QUOTE: "In its place, future nanobots may be powered using magnetic fields or ultrasound, making it possible for them to travel deeply into the human body."

What is this about MAGNETIC FIELDS? Isn't that what 5G electromagnetic fields are by definition? Might they not be integral to taking an active (not passive, dead virus idea in an injection) role, were such things to be inserted against our knowledge and/or will? Again, the feature from the FCC outlines the many terrible health impacts of 5G (link here for anyone who missed it -, however, this raises so many questions about what potentials - good bad or otherwise - lay ahead for ourselves and our posterity.

People don't like to IMAGINE the worst - but avoiding considering what could be done that is NOT within our best "health outcomes" is essential. Going blindly forward and doing whatever we are told by the WHO and UN and BMGF and/or any/all globalists seeking to usurp our rights while narrating it as "for your safety" is the definition of ignorance and insanity, imho. We should all be asking a million questions - researching - learning - INSISTING on our authority above that of any of these people who stand to gain by such "advances" in technology.

And why the need to embed something? And what might be included in that gift?

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? I'm curious to hear yours! Email
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