● Crossalk Group.

Specific purpose

● Encouraging laypeople to cultivate biblical thinking for biblical life-change in the workplace, and in their personal lives.

Target audience

● Business and professional men and women, working or retired, who are committed to building relationships and a better community.

● Some connection to Christ and the Church.

The Best Way to Reach This Person

● A workshop-styled, one hour early morning or mealtime meeting during the work week.

● A neutral location not normally connected with religious activity.

● Word-of-mouth, networking invitations.

● No cost, except for materials or meal (if offered).

Our Part in the Person's Spiritual Pilgrimage

● On the "Engel Scale of Spiritual Maturity," we anticipate serving people on the chart from -4 to +6. Our plan is to help them move up the scale through participation in Crossalk over the course of 5 years.

Specific Milestones We Desire the Person to Achieve

● To commit their life to Christ (if not already a believer). (JOHN 3:3)

● To be a growing Christian, experiencing character development (2PETER 3:18; EPHESIANS 4:14,1).

● To identify with other believers in the marketplace.

● To think biblically regarding life and its decisions.

● To participate regularly in a local church.

● To aspire to leadership in the church.

● To receive training in skills of communicating the Christian faith.

Measuring Our Effectiveness

● By verbal and written feedback from individuals who attend regularly.

● By financial participation in the support of the ministry by those who attend regularly (1CORINTHIANS 9:7-14).

● By leadership positions filled in local churches.

● By an increasing number of new Crossalk groups.