The Reformation

Christianity has for two millennia reformed and transformed the lives of individuals. Since the First Century Christians turned the Roman Empire upside down with their zeal, believers have collectively made major impact on the world around them. The strength of the impact of believers on the cosmic world system is determined by eight principles.


Avoid a conspiracy mentalityIsaiah 8:11-13
There have always been individuals and groups who seek to undermine God's work, but ... spending our energy trying to uncover every "conspiracy" is energy wasted. Instead, let's concentrate on the work God has called us to do, and not "fear" what others fear, but "fear God".


Avoid a minority mentalityProverbs 23:7
When we "think" that we're alone ... outnumbered ... a helpless minority, we begin to act defensively and/or passively. We retreat instead of advance. We need to change our perspective. If we're on God's side, we are a majority!


Take the "offensive" positionProverbs 21:22
As noted above, the believer's only biblical position must be one that "moves forward". We are told that "the wise man attacks". For too long we have either been in retreat, or bogged down in a defensive position. Let's take back the lost ground!


Don't go for a "touchdown" on every playExodus 23:29,30 & Deuteronomy 7:22
Take back ground a piece at a time. The objective is to retake the lost ground, but not all at once. Since it has been lost little by little, we need a long-term perspective.


PerserveranceGalatians 6:9
Victory comes through faithfulness. We've got to realize that victory won't come tomorrow. This is a long-term engagement, and we need to count the cost. Victory will come, but only as we stay focused and committed to the task.


Take responsibility for your actionsJeremiah 31:27-30
Demand accountability. Start with our own accountability, then challenge the mentality of our secular society that wants to blame others, or circumstances, for immoral or unlawful misbehavior. Let's work at persuading others that everyone is responsible for their actions.


ToleranceNehemiah 2:20
Let others be free to work on their part of the wall, so long as people are working on the "wall." Let's quit criticizing others if they're not called to do exactly what we've been called to do. If they're rebuilding, Praise the Lord! Only those involved will share in the blessing.


Pray for rain during times of rainZechariah 10:1
Don't wait for the draught before we pray. As we see God's hand of blessing in restoring biblical principles in our society, pray! And after you pray,keep on praying.