Keeneye tore a ligament in his left knee two days after an operation to repair a torn ligament in his right knee.

Considering Keeneye's age (then 13 years) and the risk that a second operation so near the first would cause both to fail, we opted not to attempt a second operation.

Our first attempt at an alternative to surgery—a "doggy wheelchair"—was an abysmal failure.

By the time we took Keeneye to Dr. Page he, was hopping on three legs while holding the "good" right leg up.

Dr. Page's diagnosis was that his hips were malformed (likely from birth), which was the probable cause of the knee injuries. She recommended a combination of chiropractic adjustment, cold-laser treatment and Adequan® injections.

Immediate success! After the very first treatment he began walking (well, tiptoeing) on the right leg for the first time in months.

The videos show him before treatment and after the initial four weekly treatments.

Obviously considering his age and that both knees and both hips are bad, he will never be chasing rabbits, and we still carry him up and down stairs, but he's able to totter around on all four feet enjoying his golden years.

Dr. Page's combination of both veterinary medical and chiropractic training allows her to integrate conventional and alternative medical disciplines to create a more effective solution than a single approach and more effective than medical or surgical solutions.

Lee & Mary Swoboda
Harbor Poodles
Dr. Page is amazing! All of our poodles are her patients. Her chiropractic skills keep our agility dogs at their best. Our 12 yr old is still active in agility. We bring all of our 6 week old puppies to her to check and correct misalignments caused by birth trauma before they go to their forever homes.

And Noah, our 14 year old toy poodle was depressed and mopey as a result of pain from a torn ACL ligament. Dr Page's laser treatments have him bouncing around like a puppy again.

Dr. Page's chiropractic and laser skills keep all of our poodles moving!

Tony & Dona Mathews
Harbor Poodles • Gig Harbor