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From: Herb Gerhardt

To: 'Dennis Engel'
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2017 9:54 PM
Subject: Belfair SR-3 & Log Yard Road Roundabout


I attended the last monthly meeting of Mason Transit. They are in the process of selecting, purchasing and building a Park & Ride Lot in Belfair. As part of their discussion they showed a possible Roundabout on SR-3 at Log Yard Rd. I gave my opinions of such a plan and was told this was just an idea and under discussion by WSDOT for this intersection to allow safer access in and out of their proposed Park & Ride Lot.

I for one, do not think that adding a Roundabout at this location is a good idea and do not believe it would be acceptable to the residents of Belfair. We had a similar discussion years ago when WSDOT was holding public meetings on rebuilding the intersection at SR-3 and SR-106. After repeated outcry against a Roundabout at that location, WSDOT changed their mind and reconfigured that intersection slightly and added a traffic light.

Now since I had not heard of any discussions about contemplating the addition of a Roundabout on SR-3 at Log Yard Rd, I urge you to hold some public meetings in Belfair in the near future to present any such plans that you might have and let the local residents comment on such a proposal. Like I said, I do not like a Roundabout proposal at this location and think the local residents need to be kept in the loop of such a change and given an opportunity to comment on such a plan before WSDOT spends too much money on designing such a project.

In my opinion a Roundabout would tie up SR-3 traffic into Belfair and would be a nightmare on weekends when traffic already backs up to the Airport. Even with the planned Belfair Bypass in that area, I think the Belfair traffic would still back up traffic to the Airport on busy weekends which would cause delays in traffic being able to access this Belfair Bypass. I think a traffic light at Log Yard Road which would only operate on demand of cars entering or exiting the new Park and Ride Lot would be a much better and more efficient way of handling traffic in that area. After all, the traffic into and out of this Park and Ride Lot would mainly be exist in the mornings and afternoons during the commuting times. Also keep in mind that the Tahuya State Forest is the ORV Mecca of Western Washington with thousands of visitors every weekend which still have to go through Belfair.

Please consider calling for a public meeting on this subject sooner rather than later to allow the residents to voice their opinions.

Herb Gerhardt, KB7UVC

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