“Belfair means the world to Randy Neatherlin and countless others who call the small town home..”
Kitsap Sun 10/20/13


How would you respond to those who say you are micromanaging the Sheriff's budget?
Some say you're asking Shelton to pay for the Belfair sewer...
Randy, where's my Belfair bypass? You said if you were elected I'd be home by now!
On my ballot it reads "none" as party preference. What kind of point are you trying to make?

Experience Matters!

Greatly increased public safety funding without increasing taxes
Turned budget deficits into surpluses
Solved problems without partisanship
Instrumental in re-directing the County Transportation Improvement Program to provide new roads for economic development
Keeps in direct contact with the community by providing (and answering!) his County cell phone. That's transparency!
An original architect of the West Sound Alliance, a cooperative effort to provide transportation infrastructure and finally obtain BELFAIR BYPASS funding
That's Leadership! EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

What we've accomplished on my watch

What I said I'd do...What we did...
Providing adequate funding for the Sheriff's Office
44% increase in the Sheriff's budget ($9.7m-14.0m 2012-16)
Funded 8 new deputies
Funded 30 new vehicles
North end precinct for better coverage and quicker response time for our citizens
Jail expanded from 122-144 beds
Funded 6 additional jail correction officer positions
Just funded a marine deputy
New equipment (dash cams, radios)
Funded an additional Superior Court judge
Expanded the role of the Court Commissioner and Therapeutic Courts
Added a Veteran's Court to provide alternatives to incarceration
Increased staffing for the Prosecutor and public defenders
Increased staffing for probation officers
Take a "second look" at the future phases of the Belfair sewer project to assure long-term financial viability
A Belfair Sewer Citizen's Advisory Committee to propose solutions
An innovative plan that provides stable financing for the sewer while keeping rates and connection costs stable
A new multi-family / low income housing incentive program in Mason County
Promoted investment / planned growth and increased tax base while also assisting our low income housing needs
Establish a culture that incentivizes County employees to be servants of the people
Consolidated several departments to provide "one-stop shopping" for building permits, which has reduced permit times from 18 weeks to 14 days
Increased the transparency, responsiveness, accountability and "user friendliness" of County government
Refocused regional planning organizations such as the West Sound Alliance and Hood Canal Coordinating Council to support common goals instead of partisanship
Reversed a history of County budget deficits into surpluses without raising taxes
Negotiated with the West Sound Alliance, US Congressional Representative and Legislators to finally fund the Belfair Bypass
Led the effort to save the Belfair sewer from financial collapse with a financial plan that restructures debt while stabilizing sewer rates for 10 years and saves the County and ratepayers millions of dollars
$100,000 matching funds for veteran temporary housing
Saved $1.2m by restructuring the financing for the Public Works building