I'm a life-long Republican and I'm supporting Randy Neatherlin
Mary Jo Cady
I'm a life-long Democrat and I'm supporting Randy Neatherlin
Marilyn Vogler
I'm a life-long Republican and I'm supporting Randy Neatherlin
Cindy Cline
I'm a life-long Democrat and I'm supporting Randy Neatherlin
Toby Kevin

Government Representatives

Randy is a dedicated public servant who cares deeply about the future of Mason County and its residents. I have been proud to partner with Randy in advocating for critical transportation and infrastructure improvements, the protection of Puget Sound and Hood Canal, and efforts to grow our local economy. — Derek Kilmer (US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 6TH DISTRICT)
I've served with Commissioner Neatherlin on the Port of Allyn and now work with him as a County Commissioner. His dedication to his county and his community remains unmatched! — Judy Scott (PORT OF ALLYN COMMISSIONER)
As chairman of the board for the Hood Canal Coordinating Council , commissioner neatherlin has delivered focused and thoughtful leadership. — David Herrera (HOOD CANAL COORDINATING COUNCIL VICE CHAIR)
He's doing a great job for our County! He's a good one! — Bill Hunter (FORMER COUNTY COMMISSIONER)
Focused on Community. Achieving great things for our county. — Laura Boad (NM SCHOOL BOARD)
Randy was a tremendous help to the new commissioners at the Trails End Water District and provided education and guidance during our setup period. — Joe Morris (COMMISSIONER, TRAILS END WATER DISTRICT)
Without question, Commissioner Neatherlin has been an excellent supporter of Law Enforcement in Mason County — Bob Noyes (MASON COUNTY SHERRIFF DEPUTY, RETIRED)
Commissioner Neatherlin has consistently shown support for law enforcement and the judicial system in Mason County — Family of retired officer Edward Leaf
Randy's commitment to Public Safety has been both consistent and impressive — Chief Richard Knight (55 YEAR FIRE CHIEF, RETIRED)
Commissioner Neatherlin has been a dedicated supporter of public safety throughout the county. — Gerry Morrow (MASON COUNTY FIREFIGHTER)
Commissioner Neatherlin was instrumental in assisting our rezone. He was a tremendous help for our development — Joel Manke (RIDGE MOTORSPORTS PARK, SHELTON)
Commissioner Neatherlin has been a tireless advocate for economic development in Mason County. His leadership and perseverance are critical during these difficult times. — James Thomas (VICE CHAIR, MASON COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL)
I appreciate Commissioner Neatherlin. He has delivered fair, effective and helpful leadership! — Mendy Harlow (SALMON CENTER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR)
Commissioner Neatherlin genuinely cares about his community; he makes a difference! — Keith Richards (PRESIDENT, BELFAIR FARMERS MARKET)
Commissioner Neatherlin's support of veterans issues has been unequivocal and unwavering — Tom Davis (VOLUNTEER VETERAN ADVOCATE)
Commissioner Neatherlin sought innovative solutions for the pre-existing Belfair sewer finance issues. His approach provided the necessary rate relief for local citizens for years to come. — Jack Johnson (CHAIR, BELFAIR SEWER ADVISORY COMMITTEE)


Commissioner Neatherlin is doing a tremendous job! I admire his tenacity in pursuit of county improvements — Art Tozier (SHELTON)
Re-elect a commissioner that actually has taken positive action to resolve North Mason's numerous problem such as the Elephant in the room, its sewer debacle. Randy is a leader and a good one. — Dean Jenniges (BREMERTON)
Good to have someone from the North County take an active interest — Mel Armstrong (BELFAIR)
Randy goes 'above and beyond'. He's earned my trust. — Jan Day (TRAILS END LAKE)
It's nice to break 'out of the norm' and finally have a real citizen who cares about this county and its people! — Jeff & Dena Baker (LOCAL WRENCH, BELFAIR)
Randy is an excellent listener. A very fair and effective commissioner. — Michael Siptroth (TRAILS END LAKE)
Randys heart is in the right place! In the 40 years Ive been here, I've never seen a commissioner care so much or get so much done for our community — Cheri Cloud
Randy has shown to be a great listener; an engaged commissioner for sure — Glenn Carlson (GRAPEVIEW)
Commissioner Neatherlin understands the importance of natural resource based industries in Mason County. He gets it! — Matt Manke (SHELTON)
Whether in his position of Port Commissioner or now as County Commissioner, Randy Neatherlin is always seeking ways to address growth and job creation — Earl Iddings (SHELTON)
Do you want something done? Give it to a busy man. Randy Neatherlin is one of the busiest men I know, but he always finds time to solve problems. He has proven he can work with anyone. I trust Randy to do the right thing for Mason County — Mary Swoboda (BELFAIR)
Randy Neatherlin is the best county commissioner I've seen in twenty years. — John Komen (MASON LAKE)
Randy Neatherlin has been great for North Mason and the entire county. I appreciate his unending commitment. — Lori Anderson (ALLYN)
Over the years I have witnessed Randy develop into a very effective leader for Mason County; I've been impressed! — Jerry Reid (BELFAIR)
Randy, Thank you for a fantastic job as commissioner. You have been and will continue to be the only voice we have ever had for considerations of those in North Mason portion of Mason County. — Gordon & Shelley Mckay (BELFAIR)
I don't live in Mason County but I can say Randy is one outstanding guy who works for the people with heart and a big fierce passion. So if you run against him make sure your heart is honest because his is. — Jackie Rossworn (PORT ORCHARD)
Randy has done an outstanding job! He has been both efficient and impactful with his leadership. His approach has improved county government, without question! — Richard Bell (ALLYN)
Will work tirelessly to make a difference — Margie Benson (TAHUYA RIVER VALLEY)
For the past three years i have observed Commissioner Neatherlin's commitment to efficient county government, public safety and fiscal responsibility... He deserves our accolades — Cindi Cline (SHELTON)
Commissioner Neatherlin continues to be driven by collaboration and results. He's been tremendous! — Dan O'Neal
Gets things done! — Don & Paulette Cady (BELFAIR)
Randy has done a great job as commissioner. His re-election is important. He has my vote! — Russ Scott (HARSTINE ISLAND)
Commissioner Neatherlin is extremely dedicated. His track record shows he clearly understands his position is one of public service. — Larry Edralin (HARSTINE ISLAND)
Commissioner Neatherlin has been a tremendous champion for our cause. A great leader at the ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHY SOUTH SOUND — Pat McCarthy
Honest and caring... Yet fiercely tenacious and thorough. We could not possibly ask for better representation than commissioner Neatherlin has provided! — Rob Drexler (JOHN L SCOTT, BELFAIR)
We have known Randy for over 30 years. Even as a young man Randy was thoughtful and caring. He is a man of integrity and has an honor code. We have seen him take time out of his busy schedule to drive 40 minutes to visit a sick friend dying of cancer. He is a very selfless individual — Art & Kathy Patterson (LAKEBAY)
Randy is always out and about in his district talking to people, available to answer questions, and works tirelessly to help people solve problems. Randy is totally transparent in his love and help for our community — Linnie Griffin (BELFAIR)
Solution driven — Glenn Landram (BELFAIR)
Randy Neatherlin is a good man doing a good job for us! — Ernie Aries (TAHUYA)
He's creative in getting difficult issues successfully addressed by including all points of view. We're lucky to have him managing our county. — Bruce Landram (BELFAIR)
There's a reason why he gains support from both Democrats and Republicans... He's pragmatic and results oriented. He's making a difference. — Dr. Brian Petersen (BELFAIR)
Commissioner Neatherlin has helped this county make tremendous progress. Keep the momentum going and re-elect Randy. — Janet O'Connor (MASON LAKE)
Randy has been a real 'difference maker' in North Mason and the county as a whole. — Tom Hamilton (GRAPEVIEW)